Welcome to Employer Information

Employer Information is dedicated to providing honest and objective feedback for employers from their employees.

We aim to provide employers with invaluable employee reaction to a number of questions about the way their company is run, so that they can celebrate their successes and use the information positively where there are areas that could be improved.

The identity of the employee providing the feedback is 100% confidential and under no circumstances will an employee’s personal details be disclosed to any other party. To maintain the integrity of the site any employee wishing to provide their feedback will be required to register.

Individual companies are then rated on a five star point system, which is publicly available and can be viewed by current and potential employees, suppliers and work providers.

View a list of employers with reviews on the site

Employers are able to purchase a second tier of information, which will never include personal details but will provide more detail as to the ranking they receive in any given area plus any additional comments that employees are invited to make.

Employer Information staff are continually checking and reviewing entries to ensure that the site is being used responsibly and any defamatory remarks will be removed.

How will Employer Information help you?

  • As an Employer – you are able to get an honest appraisal of employment practices enabling you to celebrate your successes and make improvements where necessary
  • As an Employee – you have a forum to honestly express your views anonymously to your employer to encourage improvements
  • As a potential Employee - you can assess any potential employers employment ethic and company culture
  • As a supplier or work provider – you can ensure that a potential work partner shares similar values and work practices
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